Michigan’s First TRUE Islamic Cemetery
IMG, Islamic Memorial Gardens is the FIRST fully dedicated Islamic cemetery in Michigan. Unlike other cemeteries, we provide an exclusive, completely separate burial ground which abides to the strict Islamic burial guidelines as performed in other parts of the Islamic world. We offer next day interments and proper burials with accurate lot direction facing Mecca. We understand the needs of our community,that is why we work closely with the mosques and funeral homes that service families of the Islamic faith with respect and dignity. Together, we will work tirelessly to provide the most compassionate service during your family’s time of need.

Families of the Islamic faith will be able to select lots in standard, premium or family sections. We also make available sections that allow for upright monuments, flush markers and full length grave markers. Tremendous efforts have been put forth in the planning and design of Islamic Memorial Gardens. Our vision is to provide a serene and scenic setting with pathways, bench seating and beautiful landscaping. Visiting the resting places of our loved ones will be done in a setting that will engender a feeling of beauty and tranquility. We recommend a drive through the cemetery and then contacting the office to arrange a meeting with a family counselor to complete the selection process.